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How to prevent the wrinkle of the composite machine?

When the compound machine works on some finished products, the wrinkling of the finished product often becomes a headache, and the aesthetic appearance of the finished product is greatly reduced. Is there any way to prevent wrinkles in the finished product when the composite machine is working?

1. Reduce the tension of the traction substrate. The film stretches too much, the shape is not enough, and the composite film wrinkles easily during cooling shrinkage. Properly reducing the running tension of the substrate reduces wrinkles.

2. Adjusting the flatness of the substrate If the guide rolls assembled on the dry laminating machine have parallelism errors, some plastic film-like substrates are liable to wrinkle on the guide rolls. In production, the flatness of the substrate can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the deflection roller. Of course, for personalized printing, we can also add some flattening rolls or bending rolls to the appropriate part before compounding to stretch the film.

3. Adjusting the pressure of the composite roll During the production process, special attention should be paid to adjusting the composite pressure between the two composite rolls. The composite pressure is uneven. For example, the pressure is too high, which is the most likely to cause wrinkling of the composite film.

4. Wash the composite roller and replace the damaged rubber pressure roller to avoid wrinkling of the composite product.

In addition, if it is designed, a preheating roller can be added in front of the laminating machine to preheat the surface of the second unwinding substrate, so that the temperature of the second unwinding substrate and the coated substrate before the composite is substantially the same. In addition, it is also possible to prevent the composite film from curling after cooling.



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